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The 2024 AFC U-23 Football Cup qualifiers start this week

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  Kuala Lumpur, August 31 (QNA) - The journey of 42 teams to qualify for the 2024 AFC U-23 Football Cup finals begins next week, as they look forward to joining Qatar, the host of the tournament next year, kora online.

AFC U-23 Championship, Australia vs Laos match


The matches of 11 groups, nine of which consist of four teams and two groups of three, will be played over the course of a week from September 6 to 12, where the qualifiers will be held in a single-round pool system, with the first-place team in each group qualifying for the finals along with the four best teams.  She finished second in all groups, joining the Qatar national team, which automatically qualified because it represents the host country, in the finals of the sixth edition of the continental championship, whose competitions are scheduled to be held during the period from April 15 to May 3, 2024.

AFC U-23 Championship, Australia vs Laos match koralive.

  Qatar is the first country to host the AFC U-23 Cup twice, and all its matches will be considered friendly matches, and these results will not be counted when calculating the final group standings kora live.

  Eight teams have participated: Qatar, Australia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan in all editions so far, while 19 teams are seeking to participate for the first time in the upcoming football live tournament.

  The qualifiers start from the southeastern coast of South Korea, where the Changwon Football Complex will host the second group matches, which begin with a meeting with the Myanmar and Kyrgyz national teams before the Qatari team is a guest of its South Korean counterpart. You can watch all the matches of the Asian Cup tournament via the website seyarava.com.  And all the championships and leagues, the European Champions League, the Asian Champions League, the American League, the French League, the Italian League, and the German League. Through this, you can watch all football matches via the Seyarava website as well as in cooperation with Kora Online.

AFC U-23 Championship, Australia vs Laos match koraonline.

  In Group Seven, India and the Maldives will meet, while China, the host of the group, will begin the competition by facing the Emirates, while Singapore in Group Three will meet Yemen, while the host Vietnam team will play its first match against Guam kora live.

  In Thailand, the eighth group matches begin when the Malaysian national team meets Bangladesh at Chonburi Stadium, then the host Thai national team meets the Philippine national team, while football hosts.  Uzbekistan is in the fifth group competitions. The first round witnesses Iran’s meeting with Hong Kong, then the Uzbek national team begins its matches against Afghanistan live football.

  In the eleventh group, the trio of Turkmenistan, Indonesia, and Chinese Taipei will compete, and in the first round, the Turkmenistan team will meet with China Taipei in Surakarta. As for the ninth group, which also includes three teams, and its competitions will be held in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, the Australian team will meet in the first round, the Laos team, in  On the other hand, Saudi Arabia will host the tenth group matches, where Cambodia and Lebanon will face off first, before Saudi Arabia will meet kora live.

Mongolia in matches today.

In the first group, whose matches will be held in Jordan, the Syrian national team begins its competition journey by meeting its Omani counterpart, while the Jordanian national team begins its journey by meeting the Brunei national team. As for the sixth group competitions that will be held in Kuwait, the Iraq national team is scheduled to face the Macau national team. For its part, the Iraq national team will meet the Macau national team.  Host Kuwait in its opening match with East Timor.

In the fourth group, the host Bahrain team begins its journey by facing Palestine, after which Japan meets Pakistan

AFC U-23 Championship, Australia vs Laos match livescore.

Discover the groups for the AFC U-23 qualifiers in 2024 in Qatar, where we show you the group of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, the Emirates, and other Arab countries participating in the Asian qualifiers, while revealing the start date of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualifiers, and the cities hosting the matches of each group bein  sports.

The Asian Football Confederation previously announced the system and details of the AFC U-23 Cup for the 2023:2024 season, which is scheduled to be held in the State of Qatar, and the awaited Asian championship will qualify for the Paris Olympics between April 15 and May 3 koraonline.

AFC U-23 Championship, Australia vs Laos match koraonline.

43 teams from various parts of the yellow continent will participate in the qualifiers, and this edition will be the sixth in the history of the tournament. These teams have been divided into 11 groups, 10 of which include four teams, while the last group, “Group Eleven,” includes three kora live teams.

Discover now the qualifying groups for the AFC U-23 Cup 2024 in Qatar.

AFC U-23 Cup 2024 qualifiers

The 2024 AFC U-23 Cup qualifiers will be held in 11 different countries, with a host country for each group, in contrast to the system of previous years, which required the qualifiers to be held in only one country seyarava.com.

The following countries will host the qualifying matches: Bahrain, China, Indonesia, Jordan, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Vietnam live score.

AFC U-23 Cup 2024 qualifying groups

The 2024 AFC U-23 Cup qualifying groups as a result of the draw are as follows

– The first group: Jordan (host), Syria, Oman, Brunei.

– Group Two: South Korea (host), Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar.

– Group Three: Vietnam (host), Singapore, Yemen, Guam.

– The fourth group: Japan, Bahrain (host), Palestine, Pakistan.

– Group E: Uzbekistan (host), Iran, Hong Kong, China, Afghanistan.

– Group Six: Iraq, Kuwait (host), East Timor, Macau.

– Group Seven: UAE, India, Maldives, China (host).

– Group H: Thailand (host), Malaysia, Bangladesh, Philippines.

– Group Nine: Australia, Tajikistan (host), Laos, North Korea.

– Group Ten: Saudi Arabia (host), Cambodia, Lebanon, Mongolia.

– Group Eleven: Turkmenistan, Indonesia (host), China Taipei.

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