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 What is SEO and what is its benefit for websites?

What is SEO and what is its benefit for websites?

  Optimizing Websites for Search Engines What is SEO and what are its benefits for websites?

   What is seo?

  for search engines

   Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of developing websites to suit the requirements of different search engines such as Google or Bing to appear in the first search results for keywords and terms used by potential customers of businesses, projects and companies.  Search engines are the source of 70% o site visits, as site visitors resort to vario search engines to answer specific questions or search for a product or service, with hundreds of topics published to answer visitors’ questions, and the presence of websites for most of them companies and commercial projects that provide multiple alternatives at a cost  Convenient and convenient and quick communication means better than traditional shopping channels.

 Benefits of SEO for businesses

websites and e-commerce activities

 There are many benefits of SEO for individual websites, especially websites for projects and commercial activities, as it is a major source of website visits, which contribute to increasing the profits of companies and commercial projects through free visits (Free Organic Traffic), in addition to other options to benefit from search engines.  Through search engine marketing campaigns through paid advertising campaigns. For example, by configuring your site for search engines and competing for a keyword with a search volume of 1,000 searches per month, you will achieve 10,000 times on the first page of search results for that keyword in front of potential customers.

 If we assume that your page click rate (CTR%) in the first three search results is 10% of impressions (1000 visits to your site), which is less than the actual click-through rate on the first three search results and the percentage of completed conversions such as purchases  The products of your business or subscribing to services you provide are only 10 percent, i.e. 100 completed transactions, and the profit from each completed process is $100. So, the profit by optimizing your site according to the requirements of search engines will be $10,000 per month ($120,000 annually) through free visits without incurring  Expensive advertising cost to market your website.

 In addition to the financial profit, increasing the number of visits to the website will build a follower base for your business who are interested in your unique content (blog posts) that indirectly promote the products and services of your business, answer all the questions of potential customers in the field of your expertise and business, and the confidence of customers automatically increases and they  Free advertising by spreading the positive impression about your project or business.

How do search engines work?

 Search engines search for sites that contain topics related to what the search engine user is looking for, then arrange them and show them to the reader in an organized and indexed manner according to the quality of the content and the success rate of the site in the SEO process

 This process is done by the so-called search spiders responsible for crawling and tracking links between different site pages or within a single site and to help search engines such as Google crawl and index your newly created or modified content pages using the URL Inspection tool in the Google Search Console platform  With the aim of indexing your website pages within a few minutes and appearing in the targeted search results in front of potential customers as soon as possible (within a day or two) in case of outperforming the competing sites for the same search terms in the criteria and factors for ranking website pages in the results  Different research which will be explained in the next paragraph.

The most important factors in ranking websites in search page results

                                                  The efforts of websites in the SEO process will not guarantee that they will appear in the first search results unless you pay attention to all the details and focus on all the factors that affect the ranking of the site and its various pages in the search results targeted by potential customers, the most important of which are:

 (Quality and relevance of the content)

 The most influential factor in the success of (SEO) efforts, especially (internal SEO) for any site is the quality and relevance of the content to what visitors are searching for using the words and terms (search used) from potential customers.

 You can define your target search terms and the volume of your monthly searches with the Google Keyword Planner. You can also use many other tools and sites to define search terms for site content and new content ideas, including:

 UbersuggestGoogle indicatorsKWFinderAnswer The Public

 The development of website content includes several steps in order to increase the satisfaction and benefit of website visitors from the content of your website, the most important of which are:

 (Main title): The headline must include the target search word and refer to the content of the page to increase the percentage of the page visit over the number of impressions in the search results (Click-through-rate), which is also an important factor in ranking your site in the search results and does not exceed 65 characters  Until it appears in full for users of computers and mobile phones. (Page description): The description of the page appears in the search results, as a brief description of the page content should be taken care of, as it encourages an increase in the percentage of visitors to the page on the number of impressions in different search results such as the headline and does not exceed 156  A letter to appear in full, including the target search word.

(Page description) 

The page description appears in the search results, as a brief description of the page’s content should be taken care of, as it encourages an increase in the number of page visits to the number of impressions in different search results such as the headline and does not exceed 156 characters to appear fully including the target search word.

 (Page link): The page link also appears in the search results and, like the title and page description, contributes to creating a short description of the page content through 4 or 5 words at most that includes the target search word and is close to the page title.  Subcategories that include some but not all of the search keyword help search engines understand page content better, index web pages better, and appear higher in search results.  It answers all common questions of page visitors in text, while exploiting the advantages of graphic and video designs (motion graphics) in increasing interaction with the content of the page and increasing (browsing time), which is an important factor in ranking pages in search results (internal and external links): The presence of internal links in  Page content to other pages within the site or external links to related topics and sites will contribute to enriching the content etc  Page-link and link your site pages internally and make it easier for search engine spiders to crawl, index and rank your pages in search results.

 Browsing experience (site visitors)

 The number of site visits will not become important and influential in the SEO process and the ranking of the site in the search results in the event that most of the site visitors leave the different pages within a few seconds for several reasons, the most important of which are:

Loading Speed: The slow loading of your website pages and taking more than 2 to 4 seconds or more than that will encourage website visitors to return to the search results page and choose a competitor site for your website instead of you

 You can check your website page load speed with PageSpeed ​​Insights, which provides an overall and detailed assessment of your website's loading speed on PCs and mobile devices, as well as tips to improve website page load speed.  And check the site regularly

 Pages loading speed drops.

 Website design

  The web design process must take into account that the design matches the content of the site in attractive colors that are comfortable to the eye and responsive to different types and dimensions of different devices and screens.

 internal site structure

  Creating rankings for site content with the inclusion of internal links to related pages will contribute to improving the quality of the internal site structure by linking all pages to each other with ratings and nominations for similar content or similar products and services, facilitating the navigation of the site for visitors, and facilitating the process of search engines in crawling and indexing your website pages, as well as  Create and periodically update a sitemap file that includes links to the entire site's pages (previously created / newly created / newly modified).

 Web Content: The presence of annoying ads (pop-ups) affects the experience of site visitors in browsing different pages and taking advantage of the content of the pages negatively and encourages visitors to leave the site as soon as possible and not visit your site again. Avoiding all factors that lead to poor user experience from website visitors will positively affect your website's ranking in search results for the targeted terms.

 The number and quality of external links

 External links are a positive indicator from other sites of your site and evidence of the quality of the site's content and its relevance to visitors to other sites in addition to being the second most important factor in the success of websites' efforts in the SEO process and achieving the best possible ranking in the first search results.

 Content quality is the first way to get external links from sites with relevant content in addition to increasing the number of site shares on social media, which contributes to increasing site visits and increasing the chances of obtaining high quality external links from sites and forums that have a high rating (Domain Authority).

The quality of external links from sites and forums has an impact and importance compared to the number of external links. Among the most important sites through which you can publish parts of your site’s content and obtain high-quality external links:

 The site is compatible with browsing from mobile phones

 The percentage of browsing websites through mobile phones is increasing daily, and this has an impact on the algorithms of search engines, as the pages of websites compatible with browsing from smart phones are crawled and indexed.  Your website pages will rank better in search results. You can check mobile-friendliness with Google's Mobile-Friendly test, detect issues with mobile page incompatibility, and use Google AMP to speed up mobile page content loading.

 Site security degree

 Search engines recommend the importance of the security of websites and personal information of visitors to the site and advises visitors to sites that do not have an SSL certificate not to record any personal information on these sites, as this certificate encrypts the information exchange process on websites in order to increase security during all browsing experiences and every site has this  The certificate is added to the URL of the website's HTTPS pages  instead kora live