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Watch mache  Croatia against Brazil todaylive streamin , in a match within the quarter-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, The Brazil national team qualified in Group G of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup with Switzerland, Cameroon and Serbia. Each team played three matches in the group stage, leading the group standings, the Samba team.

mache  Croatia against Brazil
mache  Croatia against Brazil

 Brazil vs Croatia Live Stream , Kora online

 And this came with a score of 6 strong points, which achieved victory for him in the first ranking of Group G after winning three consecutive matches in the group stage, where the Brazilian national team will meet Croatia in the quarter-finals after winning the round of 16 over the South Korean national team.

Brazil vs Croatia Live Stream

 The Brazilian national team is seeking against its opponent, Croatia, in order to win today's match, advance and ensure qualification to the next round, to meet either Argentina or the Netherlands in the golden square of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

 On the other hand, the Croatian national team hopes to face the Brazilian national team in order to qualify at the expense of Samba in the quarter-finals and complete its campaign in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

 After the Croatian team qualified from the group stage at the age of six, and played three matches during the first round, where it won one match and tied in two matches, and secured qualification while it is in second place in the group .

 Brazil vs Croatia match

 Croatia faced Japan in the sixteenth round of the World Cup in Qatar, which ended with the victory of the Croatian team over Japan and qualified for the quarter-finals to face Brazil in a strong and difficult match against the Croatian.

 Brazil had not lost before in four previous confrontations against Croatia in all competitions, as it won three matches and drew one match, and this is the first meeting since its friendly victory in 2018.

 Croatia lost four of its five matches in the World Cup against South American teams, with the exception of the 3-0 victory over Argentina in 2018. Of those four defeats against Brazil, 1-0 in 2006 and in the 2014 season in the group stage.

 Brazil vs croatia live broadcast today , Kora online

 Since winning over Germany in the final in 2002, Brazil have lost each of their last five matches in the World Cup's knockout stage against European teams, including three in the quarter-finals.

 The beginning of the knockout in the 2008 European Nations Cup witnessed 7 of the last 8 matches in the knockout stages of Croatia .in the majority of  tournaments World Cup”

 Except for the 2018 World Cup final, which was in the World Cup in Russia, they qualified in all four similar matches in the World Cup three times through penalty kicks.

 Brazil wants  to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup for the ninth time, with only Germany “12”, which has achieved that more than them. On the other hand, Croatia has reached at least the semi-finals in the last two participations.

 date and time of the Croatia and Brazil match 

 The Croatia match against Brazil will start in the quarter-finals within the framework of the Qatar World Cup 2022 competitions at Al Bayt Stadium in the first match of the World Cup quarter-finals.

 And that is on the 9/12, corresponding to Friday of the current month, at exactly five o’clock in the evening Cairo local time and six o’clock in the evening Mecca Al-Mukarramah time, and the match will be broadcast on BN Sport Max 1/2/3 Qatari sports channels.

 The date and channels for the Croatia-Brazil match

  The Brazil-Croatia match will also be broadcast today on Al-Kass Sports Channel, with the commentary of the wonderful Omani Khalil Al-Balushi.  As the website of seyarava   wants, by providing a free live broadcast link to watch the match.

  History of  facing of Croatia and Brazil, today's football matches 

  The Croatian national team faces a historic complex against the Brazil national team, in light of the Brazilian national team’s superiority during the history of confrontations, which includes 4 previous meetings, during which the Croatian national team did not know the taste of victory.

  Brazil and Croatia national teams met twice in a friendly match, the first was in 2005, which ended in a 1-1 draw, while the second was in 2018 at Anfield in England, which ended with Samba winning with two clean goals.

Brazil and Croatia 

  The two teams met in the World Cup twice, the first in the group stage of the 2006 edition, which ended with Brazil’s victory 1-0, while the second meeting was in the 2014 edition, which ended with Brazil’s victory 3-1.  The goals of the samba came through Neymar "double".  And Oscar's goal.

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