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 Watch Zamalek Vs. Flambo live stream , Kora online , African Champion League 

Watch Zamalek Vs. Flambo live stream , Kora online , African Champion League

Egyptian and Arab football fans are waiting , for a strong match between Zamalek and Flambo, for the second

 leg of the 32nd round of the African  .Champions League for the new season

  Watch the match  Zamalek Vs. Flambo streaming live today,Kora online matches .today 

the scheduled start whistle sounds at 7:00 pm Cairo time, i.e. eight in Mecca time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live via Ontime Sport (1) channel, with an audio performance of the last commentator, Moamen Hassan, in the competition.  From achieving victory over the opponent with a goal without a response in the first leg.

 The white knight prepared for this battle in a strong and high spirits, as he wants to perform a great performance that befits him, through which he seeks to snatch the victory to resolve the official qualification for the next round without any difficulties.

 In the same context, the Burundian Flamboe knows the difficulty of this battle due to the strength of the opponent, but the team attended this match with high concentration, hoping to appear in a distinctive way, seizing victory and achieving surprise by excluding the opponent from the tournament, but this requires high concentration to achieve that.  

Time of the match 

The date of the match between Zamalek and Flambo will be on Sunday, October 9, at the Borg El Arab stadium, at exactly seven o’clock in the evening, Cairo time.  The Confederation of African Football.

Referee of the match 

  the match between Zamalek and Flambo of Burundi for a referee team from Somalia, consisting of Hassan Mohamed Hajji as referee for the arena and assisted by Hamza Haji Abdi as first assistant, Suleiman Bashir second assistant and Omar Abdel Qader as fourth referee.

 The match will be watched by Raphael Laison from Malawi, and Dr. Muhammad Sultan, who is responsible for COVID-19, is present.

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